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DeWALT DW716 Dust Collection Throat Plate & Insert

DeWALT DW716 Dust Collection Throat Plate & Insert

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Collect that last bit of dust from your DeWALT miter saw while enjoying safer, cleaner cuts!

This replacement throat plate for DeWALT DW716 & DW716XPS miter saws features a unique dust shroud that attaches to the bottom side of the throat plate to redirect the dust that falls below the table, sending it back to the dust collection where it belongs.

It also features a replaceable, zero-clearance insert for safer, cleaner miter cuts. The replaceable insert slides in or out from the front of the saw without the need to remove the throat plate.

NOT INTENDED FOR BEVEL CUTS! The throat plate and dust shroud are intended to be used with the blade at 90 degrees to the table. You can enjoy dust-free, quality cuts at any miter angle your saw was designed to make, but bevel cuts will destroy the dust shroud and may damage the throat plate as well.

WORKS WITH THIN & FULL KERF BLADES! Designed with just the right amount of clearance to account with the flex that can happen when not pulling perfectly straight down on the handle.

DOES NOT FIT THE DEWALT DWS716 OR DWS716XPS! The "DW" and "DWS" saws share a lot in common, but their working geometry makes them just different enough that this dust collection throat plate isn't interchangeable between the two. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK WHICH SAW MODEL YOU HAVE BEFORE ORDERING! (Model numbers can be found on the top side of the motor.)


This purchase includes (1) dust collection throat plate, (1) replaceable insert and (1) dust shroud. Insert comes preinstalled in the throat plate, dust shroud needs to be glued to the throat plate with cyanoacrylate glue ("super glue") via the alignment tabs. A VIDEO can be seen HERE for further information and instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Stopar
DW716 Zero Clearance Insert, Dust Collection Boot and Replacement Bracket Work on Older DW706

The only minor issue that I had was that the square outboard corners on the insert had to be filed a bit to fit the DW 706 base that it fits into. No big deal. I attached a photo. I am very happy with the dust pickup with all retrofit items attached.

Ken D
Dust free

100% satisfied with this mitre saw zero clearance insert. Cut down the dust significantly. Recommend this product if you want to get serious about dust collection.

Matthew Bennett

It really works

Sam Evetts

I bought the zero clearance insert and dust trap for a Dewalt DW 716 miter saw.
Item was delivered quickly, fits perfectly, instructions clear, seems to work as advertised in trapping dust. Only a moderate grade because when I made the first cut, with a large workpiece in place, the insert broke at the end farthest from me; a perfect little triangle broke out at the round end in between the miter saw fences, meaning the insert no longer fits snugly into its housing because the long sides are no longer held in place. Probably some user error in there somewhere but I was surprised and disappointed to see that. I bought two additional inserts and will replace with one of the extras.

Hi Sam! I'm sorry to hear that you had an insert break! While I have not yet experienced this myself, occasionally we do hear of inserts breaking, and almost always on the first cut. We are trying to sort out the issue, but with so many variables such as blade type, speed, and overall operator differences, we haven't stumbled upon why this happens quite yet. At any rate, I just sent a few extra inserts to you in the mail today to replace the one that broke. Please let me know if this happens again! -Jodee

Jonathan Susott
couldn't be happier

It works and fit is spot on