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Inspire Woodcraft

Universal Zero Clearance Throat Plate for DeWALT Non-Sliding Miter Saws

Universal Zero Clearance Throat Plate for DeWALT Non-Sliding Miter Saws

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Factory miter saw throat plates have a wide opening for the blade so that the tool can be used to make bevel cuts at all angles without interference. Unfortunately, that means that small offcuts can fall into the opening, potentially leading to kickback.

A zero-clearance throat plate provides you with an opening only as wide as the blade is, which means offcuts falling into or under the blade are a thing of the past. It also provides material support right up to the blade, which in turn reduces or eliminates the splintering of wood fibers as the blade exits the bottom of the cut (tear-out).

The major downside to most zero-clearance throat plates is that they are only good for one specific operation and one specific blade. So, if you want to make a cut at a different bevel angle, you need a separate throat plate for each specific bevel you want to cut. That can add up to a lot of time spent removing and replacing throat plates. Zero-clearance throat plates eventually wear out over time as well, which means you have to make or buy a new one eventually.

The Inspire Woodcraft zero-clearance throat plate utilizes removable inserts, so you only need to replace the insert itself when it wears out or if you want to change the bevel angle. Having multiple inserts on hand means you can quickly switch between bevel angles and still enjoy the benefits of zero-clearance without having to completely remove and replace the entire throat plate between each operation.

Installation is simple! Remove the six (T-20) screws from the factory throat plate, remove the factory plate, replace it with the Inspire Woodcraft zero-clearance throat plate and reinstall with the factory screws. Once installed, make a single cut at whatever the desired bevel is.

Each throat plate comes with a zero-clearance insert preinstalled. To remove the insert, apply downward pressure to the top of the insert and slide it towards the front of the saw. Inserts slide in and out via a dovetail slot and snap in place once fully installed.

Throat plates and inserts are 3D printed with black PETG filament (inserts are printed as solid plastic). They are designed to universally fit most DeWALT 10 and 12-inch non-sliding miter saws, such as the DW703, DW704, DW705, DW705S, DW706, DW713, DWS713, DW715, DWS715, DW716 and DWS716 (including XPS model saws). Since they are a universal fit, the visibility of the miter gauge may be reduced on some models. They are not alterable. (Since we cannot possibly try these throat plates on every model of saw ourselves, the list of compatible saws will be updated over time. If you purchase a zero-clearance throat plate and it simply just doesn't fit, we will gladly offer a refund and remove that model saw from the list.)

Replacement inserts can be found HERE.


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