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Replacement Bracket for DeWALT DW716 & DWS716 Miter Saws

Replacement Bracket for DeWALT DW716 & DWS716 Miter Saws

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This 3D printed bracket replaces the factory bracket that sits just behind the blade on DeWALT DW716, DW716XPS, DWS716 and DWS716XPS miter saws to aid with securing the Upgraded Dust Collection Boot.

The factory bracket on the DW saws is metal, and the dust collection boot was originally designed to be secured to that metal bracket with magnets. This replacement bracket allows the dust boot to be installed with screws instead, providing a more secure connection.

Each bracket has two holes for screws and comes with (2) T-10 star-drive screws already threaded in place. On top of that, each dust collection boot comes with two sets of holes for easy installation. An upper set for installing it to the replacement bracket, and a lower set for installing it to the DWS model's plastic bracket.

Speaking of the DWS model saws - It is not necessary to use the replacement bracket on these saws to get a secure connection. Simply unscrews the two T-15 screws from the factory dust boot and remove it from the dust port, install the new upgraded boot, and reuse the screws.

Each bracket is 3D printed using PETG filament. It fits both saws and can be used with both thin and full kerf blades. Simply remove the (2) T-30 star-drive screws that hold the original bracket in place, swap the bracket and reuse the screws!

Some common concerns: There is a belief that the DWS716 & DWS716XPS had a recall on the plastic brackets and that DeWALT honored the recall by shipping out metal brackets to replace them. I cannot find that recall in DeWALT's recall history, and when I bought a DWS716 brand new from the store (after supposed recall) I found out that the bracket is indeed still plastic. In fact, the bracket on the saw that I bought was broken at one of the mounting points right out of the box. Another belief is that a 3D printed bracket cannot be as strong as the factory bracket. In the case of the DW716, I can't argue because metal usually outperforms plastic in the strength category. In the case of the DWS716, especially with my saw's bracket being compromised to begin with, I cannot see how the replacement bracket could be any less strong or safe. This design went through around 60 design changes to ensure it could be printed in the best orientation for strength and compatibility while still being usable (i.e., changing the blade). That being said, the bracket was created simply as a means to securely attach the dust collection boot. While I cannot with 100% certainty say that something could never happen to it, I also cannot put it through every situation that one could put it through. So, like most things, use at your own risk.

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