Number One.

My first blog post.

Kind of weird when I think about it. I love to write and read, but I really don't have time for either one. I rarely read blogs myself because of, well, time restraints. And yet here I am, writing my first ever blog.

So why now? Why add yet another time consuming task to my busy schedule? Well because I figure it's a good way to get stuff off my chest and into your ears instead of my poor wife's, who is already subject to all my ranting and hair-brained ideas already. Essentially I'm just saving my marriage.

All jokes aside, I wanted to start blogging quite honestly because I want to bounce ideas off of people. I want to share projects. I want to write tool reviews. I want share my thoughts. And I want to have another form of online community other than my beloved Instagram. And to be fair, I really do just want to write more.

Now all that being said, keep in mind I don't know the rules about this type of stuff. How long is a blog post supposed to be? Is there a golden rule for "too short" or too long"? Do I now have some sort of moral blogging obligation where I have to write a certain amount of times per week? How do I convince you to come read my posts? Okay, so I think too much, but I'm sure you get the point. This is new for me, as is building a website, trying my hand at making video content, and quite frankly putting myself out there to begin with.

However, if you happen to be reading this very post, I've had a successful start to this new endeavor. I'll just work out the bugs as I go.

Hey look! My first blog post!