This is me.

My name is Jodee and I am a father, a husband and a maker primarily using wood as my medium. So I suppose you could label me as a woodworker.

I have been making stuff since I was a kid. I took some time off for several years as life's adventures left little room for a hobby. In 2015, living in an apartment at the time, my wife mentioned she wished she had a planter box to live outside on our patio. And that's when my woodworking and making self was sort of reborn.

When we moved from said apartment to a townhouse with a garage, I had the space to acquire a few more tools. I made a workbench and some shelves and random things around the house. At some point I decided that I wanted to make a cutting board for my wife. She loved it, shared it with her Facebook community, and things kind of took off from there! Soon I was making cutting boards for people and selling them. I was able to make a little extra cash to support my hobby and acquire more tools that would help me expand my skill set. It also helped me take on different jobs which again, helped my "business" grow.

Fast-forward to now.

Now I work out of a two-car garage. I've built up quite the resume as time has gone on. My collection of tools and skills has grown immensely. As have my designs and ideas. Now I am in the process of honing in on particular design styles and product lines that are unique to my brand.

I suppose that's about it. That's me. Just a guy in his garage making things and sharing them with the world.